Essential Steps for Mold Removal in the House

Essential Steps for Mold Removal in the House

Mold is a common fungus that affects almost all homes in America, especially in the Florida area. Although it is not easy to get rid of mold once it spreads in the house, you can still manage it with the use of the right remediation. But on the other hand, you can comfortably prevent the growth of mold in your house by ensuring that you regularly check the house especially the moist areas like the bathroom or on the lower sides of the walls. Once you notice some mold growing on the wall, follow the below steps to remove it.

Essential Steps for Mold Removal in The House

  • Understand The Cause

Once you notice the green substance of mold on your wall, you need to take the first step of figuring out the cause of the mold in that area. Mold cannot grow in just any part of the house unless there is inadequate ventilation which causes the humidity to rise or the area has to have moisture which mainly occurs in the bathrooms or on the floor. Therefore, by identifying the cause of the growth of the mold, you will be able to provide a reliable solution to prevent further growth.

Essential Steps for Mold Removal in the House

  • Gather All the Details About the Mold Growth

For you to be able to come up with the best remedy for mold removal, you need to document all the information related to the growth, the source and also the areas that it has extended to. Take pictures of the affected area or even videos for clear to follow up when removing the molds. Once you have all the information, then start to develop a plan for getting rid of the mold from that area. The information you have documented guides you in selecting the best and most suitable remedy for eradicating the mold and also preventing it from growing to other parts.

  • Check Other Areas

One thing about mold is that it does not grow in one area. Once it has stayed on the wall for some time, it shoots seeds which later forms spores and disperses them on the air and to different corners in the house. So, once you find an area that has grown mold, it is essential that you check the entire building to find out which other areas are affected as well. This way you will be able to utilize your remediation plan in all the concerned areas of the house.

Essential Steps for Mold Removal in the House

  • Remove The Mold

This step involves cleaning and scrubbing off the molds that are on the walls and other parts of the house. You can get a variety of mold removal products such as the tree top oil or even vinegar to use in the cleaning process. After removing the mold from the walls, make sure to leave the walls or the surfaces completely dry if you used water for cleaning.


Once you are done removing and cleaning the areas that were affected by the mold, the last step you need to do is find out where the humid and the moist came from. If it was as a result of pipe leakage, call a plumber to repair the pipes and if it is inadequate ventilation in the house, make sure to increase ventilation areas in the house as well.